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Financial Literacy

Your Financial Wellness Starts Here

Alliance Catholic is committed to helping our members increase their knowledge of financial concepts so they can better manage their money. Through our partnership with BANZAI, an award winning financial literacy program, we have resources available for all of our members no matter their age or what stage they are at in life.

For Schools


Each collection below presents you with resources, including short articles, calculators and personalized work plans, needed to better understand financial concepts and help navigate through certain stages of your life. Click on a topic of interest and browse the information at your leisure.

THE BASICS: Learn basic saving and budgeting principles to keep you financially savvy.

COLLEGE STUDENTS: Educate yourself on student loans and preparing for college.

FAMILIES: Be prepared when you’re planning to expand your family.

HEALTH CARE: Helpful information for managing illness and paying for health care.

MAKING BIG PURCHASES - CARS: Be informed when buying or leasing new & used cars.

MAKING BIG PURCHASES - HOUSING: Helpful tips related to buying, renting, selling and paying off your housing.

MANAGING CRISIS: Great information to help you navigate through troubling times.

PROFESSIONALS - NEW JOB OR BUSINESS: Great information when starting a job or setting up a business.

PROFESSIONALS - LOSING OR LEAVING A JOB: What you need to know if you find yourself out of work.

PROFESSIONALS - INVESTING YOUR MONEY: Learn about investing you money.

PLANNING FOR RETIREMENT: Helpful for planning, transitioning, and enjoying your retirement.

YOUR FINANCIAL SECURITY: Everything from giving to charities, to fraud prevention, managing debt, tax planning and more.

Take a Course

Ready to put your knowledge to the test? With these interactive, online courses, you will learn important financial concepts in a fun, interactive way. Test your knowledge, then play the game and see if you can win! This is a great learning activity for parents who have children at home and are looking for something fun and educational to do.

Click on “Get Started ” to set up your free account and pick one of the courses…or play them all!

Banzai Junior (Ages 8-12) learn about money by starting a lemonade stand, opening your fist savings account, and saving for a new bike.

Banzai Teen (Ages 13-18) follows the life of a recently graduated high school student, holding a job, working long hours, and making do with what life sends.

Banzai Adult (18+) tackles adult financial dilemmas, such as maintaining good credit, buying insurance, understanding taxes, and qualifying for a mortgage.

Financial Literacy For Schools & At Home

Teachers, Counselors and Administrators of K-12 Catholic schools, if you are looking to incorporate financial literacy into your curriculum in-school or at home, the Banzai program provides everything you need including optional workbooks, teacher resources, and a dedicated portal, which allows you to monitor progress and grade an entire class in an instant. It’s quick and easy for you to sign up, set up and run. The best part, it’s all FREE! Over 100 Catholic schoolteachers in Michigan have already signed up.

Start sharing Banzai with your students today. Click here to get started.

See what Teachers & Students have to say about using Banzai in their classrooms.