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Financial Fresh Start

Need to rebuild your credit and do not know where to start?

Here at Alliance Catholic Credit Union, we know that that either building your credit or rebuilding your credit after a major event can be a journey that someone isn’t quite ready to go on alone.

We work with the Banzai learning system to make it easy for you to learn about credit building options. Start by taking 20 minutes to go through the following articles and coaching sessions.

Every single time you use credit, the details of the amount you spend and how you repay is added to your credit report. Click here to learn more .

3 minute read

Learn how to build your credit score from scratch or boost your already decent score. Click here .

5 minute activity

Repairing Credit
Learn how to repair your credit score when it’s gone awry. Click here .

5 minute activity

Navigating Debt Collections
Make a plan for what to do when you’re contacted by a debt collector. Click here .

7 minute activity

Get started today!

Whether a protected credit card, protected deposit or debt consolidation, our Helping Hand Loans can put you back on track to a more secure financial future.

Visa Secured
Protected credit card – You deposit $500 - $2,000 and we hold your funds then issue you a visa card for the amount deposited.

Credit Builder
Protected Deposit – You deposit $500 - $10,000 and we hold your funds then issue a loan for the same amount you deposited. As you pay on time, we report positive payments to the credit bureau and at the end of the loan, we release your funds.

Consolidate Your Debt
Debt Consolidation – Apply for a single loan to pay off multiple loans.

Click here to get your fresh start today!