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Youth Account


Becoming an AngelSaver is a great way for young members (up to age 12) to develop consistent saving habits, and learn all about managing money while having fun along the way! You can open an account with only a $5.00 deposit.

Online access for account balances, history, and cross account transfers from family, helps parents to help you build your savings.

All AngelSavers accounts come with the following:

  • Pick a Prize when you visit a branch and make a deposit in your account

  • Birthday Surprise when you visit a branch during your birthday month

  • Contests & Activities for you to partake in at ACCU throughout the year

  • Report Card Rewards, for grades K-12, giving you a special deposit each summer for bringing in your report card

  • Summer Saving Challenge awards prizes for earning money during the summer months

We also offer Financial Literacy & Scholarship Opportunities to our Youth Members.

Financial Literacy is offered in-school to Catholic Schools, and on our website for all members, teaching you about earning, saving, and spending money.

The “Make A Difference” Scholarship Contest takes place every spring and is geared towards members attending a K-12 Catholic School.

Visit your local branch or call 1-877-950-2228 to get your AngelSaver started today!