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Our scholarship collages are all in and THE VOTING PHASE IS NOW OPEN!

Voting will remain open through April 23. To view the scholarship entries and cast your vote:

  • Click on any image in the gallery below to enlarge it and see the name of the person who created it.
  • Use the arrows to view the gallery image-by-image.
  • In the expanded view, there will be a "VOTE" button. Click on the button to vote for a collage.
  • Votes are limited to one (1) per collage, per day.

Some things to note:

  • To be fair to everyone, the gallery is in random order. The order will refresh each time someone comes to the page.
  • NOTE: There are several pages of collages in the thumbnail view.
  • ALL of the collages are grouped together regardless of category. At the end of the voting, entries will be grouped by each category (K-8, High School and Post-Secondary) and votes compared.
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