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VISA Credit Card


VISA® Platinum Credit Card

When it comes to carrying a credit card, it’s hard to find one that doesn’t charge you a fortune in high fees and interest rates.

Choose the Alliance Catholic Credit Union Visa® Platinum Credit Card that will help you save time and money with:

  • Alliance Rewards – Welcome to the program that lets you choose from 6 million rewards like Merchandise, Travel, Activities / Experiences, Gift Cards, Charity options and Cash
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Cash Advance Fees
  • No Balance Transfer Fees
  • EMV Chip Security
  • Access to your credit card info and online bill pay 24/7:

  • Login to Online Banking and get one-click access from the My Card Info tab at the top of the page
    Login directly to My Card Info - review activity, manage profile, redeem points and more!

Need to ACTIVATE a New/Replacement ACCU VISA?

     Call 1.888.691.8661

Can’t remember or need to choose a PIN for your ACCU VISA?

     Call 1.888.891.2435

For Lost, Stolen or Suspicious Activity call 1.844.408.2228

Start enjoying the benefits right away! Apply for your Alliance Catholic Visa® Platinum Credit Card today.

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