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Grade$Match is a special savings incentive program just for our student-age members as they attend school and begin college. Students from kindergarten through the age of 21 are eligible to participate!

Grade$Match is designed to encourage our younger members to get good grades, develop a healthy savings habit and create their very own personal Credit Union relationship. Alliance Catholic Credit Union will MATCH $2 for each “A” or “A” equivalent1 up to a total seven of “A’s per grade card2, per grading period3, twice per calendar year.

That’s right! You can earn up to an extra $28 per year just for getting good grades and coming in to save with us!

Here’s how it works: If you’re a student (kindergarten through age 21) and you bring your most recent official paper grade card to your local Alliance Catholic Credit Union branch, we’ll match your deposit for every “A” or “A” equivalent with two dollars. For example, if you earned five “A’s” and made a deposit of at least $10, we’ll match it with $10! The Credit Union’s deposit is a bonus dividend and the amount will be included on the year-end 1099 sent to all members who receive dividends.  

Grade$Match RULES:

Students from kindergarten through the age of 21 are eligible to participate. Deposits must be made in person by the student and generally within one month of the report card date. Some exceptions may apply.
There is a limit of two matches per calendar year per member. The student must be the primary member on the account, with the appropriate social security number and date of birth. Grade cards must be from an accredited school program, or equivalent, and for an official and most recent grading term. Mid-term, interim or outdated cards are not eligible. Alliance Catholic Credit Union reserves the right to take special situations and children of “special needs” into consideration differently.
1. If letter grades are not used then we’ll consider equivalents such as: Exceeding Expectations, S+, O for Outstanding, Excellent, 3.5 and above on a 4 point scale, 90% and above and so on.
2. “Effort” or “Conduct” grades do not count.
3. Mid-term, exam or interim grades and outdated cards are not eligible.


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